MimioProjector Selected as Innovative New Product in Tech & Learning’s Award of Excellence Program

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Nov. 4, 2013 — Mimio, a global leader in interactive teaching technologies, announced today that its MimioProjector™ interactive projector has been chosen as an ‘innovative solution that breaks new ground’ in Tech & Learning magazine’s 31st annual Awards of Excellence program. This marks the second year in a row that a Mimio product has received an honor from this prestigious award program. Last year, MimioStudio™ classroom software was recognized for the significant enhancements Mimio made to the proven educational software.

This year’s Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence program honored new and upgraded software, hardware, network, and Web products. A panel of more than 30 educators tested more than 150 entries, and chose the winners.

“It’s so gratifying to have this panel of distinguished judges recognize the vision, hard work, and passion that our organization has put into building this remarkable interactive projector,” said Manny Perez, president and chief operating officer of Mimio. "The award is especially important for us because we know that schools and districts are constantly searching for ways to provide teachers and students with a better way to learn, and that is what we strive to do every day.”

The MimioProjector device is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that includes built-in tracking technology, a stereo amplifier, speakers, and the award-winning MimioStudio classroom software. Teachers can quickly and easily create multimedia lessons and then display those lessons, with graphics and images, on a dry erase board or any other flat surface. An accompanying pen or stylus allows users to manipulate MimioStudio software’s projected images. Dual-pen operations allow two students to interact simultaneously with the same projected image, increasing teachers’ capacity for including collaborative learning and small-group instruction in their classrooms.

Schools or districts with budget constraints can purchase a high-quality, entry-level version of the MimioProjector device and expand its functionality over time through in-field upgrades. That means that a basic, non-interactive model can be upgraded to a single or dual-pen interactive solution, right in the classroom.

The MimioProjector device supports all common video formats, including VGA, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite. Its high image resolution produces true-to-life images and color for enhanced display of charts, graphs, artwork, and simulations. The stereo sound of its audio playback system boosts users’ auditory experience. The projector also allows for the display of 3-D content.

The MimioProjector interactive projector integrates seamlessly with other MimioClassroom™ products including the MimioView™ document camera and the MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet all through the intuitive MimioStudio software. A single software eliminates the need for additional software training, as educators expand their interactive classroom technology. Mimio also recently enhanced its MimioMobile™ application, which can make the most of all types of mobile devices in classrooms, whether they’re owned by students or the school district. Once equipped with the app, various mobile tools – including iPads, iPod touch devices, iPhones (4 and up), and Android phones and tablets – can work in concert for collaborative learning opportunities, as well as for formative assessment.

Perez concluded, “This award further validates our vision of making products that help solve real problems for educators today. We are committed to working with our customers to further improve our offering and make their lives easier.”

About Mimio

Mimio is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies that offer a better way to learn and an empowering way to teach. Our award-winning, innovative, and affordable hardware, software, and curriculum increase teacher effectiveness and student engagement in K-12 classrooms. For more information, visit mimio.com.

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About Tech & Learning

For over 30 years, Tech & Learning has been – and continues to be – the leading resource for K-12 leaders. Its publications, websites, and events provide factual and evaluative information on trends, products, and strategies to educators who purchase technology products for their districts and schools. Tech & Learning magazine, published by NewBay Media LLC, delivers the highest quality content and essential resources to manage, train, and teach technology. For more information, visit www.TechLearning.com.


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