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Enhanced MimioClassroom suite

Australia - October 10, 2010 - The recently announced MimioClassroom suite includes interactive whiteboard devices, student assessment systems, document cameras, accessories and software that have been designed to work together, or as stand alone devices.

Mimio general manager, Laurence Huntley said that the ‘Simply Teach’ design philosophy of MimioClassroom is to make technology easy to use and relevant in the classroom.

The heart of the suite is the MimioTeach system, which transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into a fully interactive whiteboard. Not much bigger than a ruler, the rechargeable wireless device comes with an integrated stylus and user-friendly software.

The rechargeable MimioVote student assessment system provides real-time assessment and immediate feedback with flexible options designed for the way students think. Intuitive software and intelligent auto-illuminated buttons eliminate student error, making assessment, test taking, grading and analysis easier and time efficient. To reduce the risk of errors, which can occur in other current assessment systems, the units renumber themselves when returned to the tray.

DYMO/Mimio claims that the MimioView document camera is the most integrated and easy to use document camera available. MimioView technology and MimioStudio software offer useful editing and storage features such as copy, cut, freeze, highlight, rotate, save and live video markup and the ability to drop images and video into lessons and tests. Roughly the size of a tissue box, the MimioView camera uses a single mini USB cable and has one-button activation, autofocus and lighting correction. It integrates with the MimioTeach and MimioVote systems through the universal MimioStudio software.

The rechargeable MimioCapture system allows real-time capture of dry erase whiteboard notes and drawings. Handwritten notes can be instantly transformed into text-based fonts so instead of taking notes, students can pay attention to the subject matter on the board. Teachers can also share notes with students and incorporate them into later lessons.

The slim and light MimioPad wireless tablet allows teachers and students to collaborate and interact with a MimioTeach-enabled whiteboard from up to 30 feet away. The rechargeable tablet features 16 shortcut keys for ready access to the most popular MimioStudio software features and requires no special user training.

Using the new MimioStudio 7 software, educators can capture, create and present classroom content with integrated images, multimedia files, internet links etc. The software delivers the automatic integration that lets Mimio Tools including MimioTeach, MimioVote, MimioCapture and MimioPad work on their own or together. 

An easy-to-use Mimio Gallery provides teachers fast to access, ready-to-use lesson plans, images, objects and content. The software features drag-and-drop convenience for Flash, audio and video files and is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and other popular software applications.


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