Frequently Asked Questions

MimioClassroom Solution
  • What is MimioClassroom?
    The MimioClassroom™ family of products is our most highly integrated and easiest-to-use line of interactive teaching technology devices and software. The MimioClassroom concept was purpose-built, tailored specifically to the needs of teachers and created to allow teachers to simply teach. Devices include the MimioTeach™ interactive system, the MimioVote™ assessment system, the MimioCapture™ ink recording system, the MimioView™ document camera and the MimioPad™ wireless tablet. Powerful MimioStudio™ 7 software is the brains behind MimioClassroom products. Each product offers powerful advantages when used alone, but all work seamlessly together, complementing one another when used in combination. With absolute ease of use and intuitive features, MimioClassroom products let teachers focus on teaching, with no worries about mastering difficult technology. Support programs include a comprehensive lineup of training choices, many for free and others for a nominal fee. We have flexible online programs that allow you to learn at your own pace, as well as in-person programs with other Mimio users. An additional resource is the MimioConnect® online community MimioConnect™ online community of avid Mimio educators, where you can learn something new every day and share your own knowledge. top ↑
  • I am an existing mimio Interactive Xi user. Can I use my Interactive with the new MimioClassroom interactive devices?
    MimioStudio 7 software is backward-compatible, so your Xi will work with it, and you can continue to use the original mimio Capture and mimio Pad. If you are interested in the great new features of our MimioView document camera and MimioVote assessment system, consider upgrading to MimioStudio 7 software, which provides integration and complete ease-of-use with these new MimioClassroom products. top ↑
MimioTeach System: The Next-Generation Interactive Whiteboard System
  • Why should I consider upgrading from mimio Interactive Xi to the MimioTeach system?
    The MimioTeach system is a best-in-class interactive whiteboard solution. New and updated tracking algorithms and hardware ensure that there’s no lag time when using the stylus. Users can feel confident that the MimioTeach system will work in any environment. The system supports both wired and wireless operation right out of the box. Wireless means you no longer need to worry about the distance between the device and your PC, and you no longer have to worry about tripping over cables. The wireless connection utilizes the new MimioHub™ receiver, which can also be used to connect other Mimio devices. The interactive stylus is powered by an internal battery that recharges on the MimioTeach bar. And the MimioTeach system gives you multiple power options: wall power, USB power and battery power. top ↑
  • What special features does the MimioTeach stylus offer?
    The MimioTeach system uses a rechargeable stylus. The internal battery retains a charge for 8 to 10 hours of continuous use, and fully recharges in 3 hours. Just dock it on the MimioTeach bar at the end of class to recharge it. If you forget to dock it, the stylus will notify you that it is running low on power. The two-minute quick-charge mode can help you out in an emergency. Your days of worrying about replacing batteries are over. top ↑
  • What type of connection does the MimioTeach system use?
    The MimioTeach system gives you multiple connection options: wireless via a battery, USB connection to your PC or plugged into the wall. top ↑
  • How do I set up the MimioTeach system?
    The MimioTeach system can easily be set up by one person, with no installation required. You simply unpack the unit, install the software, mount the bar magnetically to the whiteboard and connect via your desired connection. No mounting hardware, drilling, wiring or technicians are required. top ↑
  • How large can the interactive area be on the whiteboard?
    Interactive mode with projector supports 2 m x 2.4 m (6.6 ft x 7.9 ft.) up to 3 m (10 ft.) standard aspect ratio diagonal projection display, and 2.9 m (9.4 ft.) diagonal in wide screen mode. top ↑
  • What software do I need for the MimioTeach system?
    The MimioTeach system is integrated with MimioStudio 7 software for Windows. This release is designed to accommodate all of the new features in the entire MimioClassroom suite of products. MimioStudio 7 for Mac will be available this autumn and MimioStudio 7 for Linux will be available in 2011. top ↑
  • What is the difference between the MimioTeach system and the MimioCapture system?
    The MimioTeach system is used with a projector, which allows you to project your entire laptop screen on the whiteboard. You can deliver and interact with lessons and presentations directly from your PC. top ↑

    The MimioCapture system is a MimioTeach accessory that allows you to capture dry erase notes or drawings directly from the whiteboard, for storage on your PC in MimioStudio Notebook. A projector is not used with the MimioCapture system. top ↑
  • What is the main difference between the MimioTeach bar and the mimio Xi bar?
    The MimioTeach system takes advantage of new tracking technologies. Its new and updated tracking algorithms and hardware work dependably in any environment, and there is no lag time when using the stylus. The MimioTeach bar is streamlined, the button selection is simplified and the stylus is now rechargeable. Wireless is standard with the product, with the additional choice of either USB or wall power connection. Two push-button functions on the MimioTeach bar indicate Interactive/Calibrate and Launch. And there is one Indicator light to denote a power connection.

    The mimio Xi bar includes additional functions specific to mimio Capture, such as New Page, Copy Page and Print. Those features have now been moved to the new MimioCapture tray, enhancing the clean look of the MimioTeach bar. top ↑
  • How long does the stylus hold a charge?
    The stylus retains a charge for 8 to 10 hours of continuous use and fully recharges in 3 hours. There is also a two-minute quick-charge mode for emergency use. top ↑
  • You changed the stylus buttons. What are their functions?
    Two buttons on the stylus activate functions: Hover/Right Click and MimioStudio Tools. For left mouse click, touch the projected area with the tip of the stylus twice. top ↑
  • Can I reconfigure the buttons on the stylus?
    Yes, you can reconfigure both buttons on the stylus. Please note that once you reconfigure them, the default will be reset and the buttons will no longer retain the original functions of Right Click and MimioStudio Tools. top ↑
  • Can I get replacements for the stylus tips?
    Yes, you can order replacement stylus pen tips. The stylus is made of solid Teflon with a replaceable tip to ensure ultra-smooth action on all board or screen surfaces. top ↑
  • Can I use a MimioTeach whiteboard in a Web-based conference?
    Yes, MimioStudio 7 Tools include shortcuts for accessing a Web browser and will work with any network conferencing software. top ↑
MimioVote System: A Revolutionary Assessment System
  • What is MimioVote?
    The MimioVote assessment system is the easiest, most accurate way for teachers to assess student comprehension. Its unique, patent-pending design is much simpler and more intuitive for both you and your students. You can create tests with custom or standardized content, and get results immediately, whenever you like. Lead tests yourself or let students pace themselves. The software automatically configures the illuminated response clicker buttons students need for each test, and the handheld devices automatically renumber themselves when returned to their recharging tray. The MimioHub wireless receiver integrates automatically with the MimioVote system, allowing it to send data instantly to your computer. Tightly integrated with the MimioTeach system and MimioStudio software, the MimioVote system offers dynamic question development, robust content, rechargeable handhelds, on-the-spot polling and real-time response. top ↑
  • How many devices can you operate in one room?
    You can combine two trays of 32 handheld units–up to 64 units per classroom. top ↑
  • What does the Gradebook do?
    Gradebook offers a number of helpful features:
    • It supports class lists.
    • It supports the ability to import/export class lists from other vendors.
    • It provides integrated attendance support.
    • It lets you import/export results.
    • It lets you view immediate graph results.
    • It lets you manually edit results.
    • It lets you sort by class/student/test.
    • It supports student, subject and test information. top ↑
  • Can I use standard assessment ExamView content with the MimioVote system?
    You can import standard assessments into MimioStudio Notebook for use with the MimioVote system. Only files that have been exported from ExamView as Blackboard (6.0-7.0) format can be imported into Notebook.top ↑
  • What does Microsoft PowerPoint integration look like? How do you use it?
    You can use the MimioStudio Vote Add-in function to create any type of MimioVote activity in Microsoft PowerPoint. MimioVote activities are created by adding question slides to a PowerPoint presentation. A Vote Add-in feature includes a variety of pre-formatted question slide templates to make creating activities in PowerPoint quick and easy, plus these features:
    • It provides an embedded custom Mimio toolbar.
    • It allows you to incorporate results into Gradebook.
    • It lets you select class.
    • It supports start/stop polling.
    • It allows you to display results. top ↑
  • Why does the MimioVote system use remotes with radio frequency, instead of infrared frequency?
    Radio frequency technology offers a major advantage over infrared frequency–it does not require that there be a line of sight between the remote and the MimioTeach device. There are other benefits, as well:
    • Students can comfortably hold and operate their remotes.
    • Students can effectively operate their remotes from anywhere in a classroom.
    • Teachers can connect and position their receivers to best suit their environment. top ↑
  • Can other wireless devices interfere with the MimioVote student response system?
    Other wireless devices, such as microwave ovens or wireless routers, do not normally interfere with the MimioVote response system. MimioStudio software has the ability to choose a different channel whenever it detects channel interference. top ↑
  • How far away from the MimioTeach device can I use the handheld remote?
    The remote has a range of up to 9 m (30 ft). In addition, you don’t have to ensure that there is a line of sight between the remote and the MimioTeach device, because the MimioVote system uses radio frequency technology. top ↑
  • What is the expected life of the rechargeable batteries included with the MimioVote response system? How much time does it take to recharge a unit if it has lost all of its charge?
    The life of the replaceable batteries is typically 3 years, at which time the batteries should be replaced. A full charge of a unit that has lost all power (due to being left out of the charging tray for a long time) takes about 8 to 10 hours. Teachers can easily recharge the units in their tray overnight. top ↑
  • Does the MimioVote system require a wireless hub to operate?
    The MimioVote system requires the MimioHub wireless receiver, which comes standard with the system. The receiver integrates automatically with the MimioVote system, allowing it to send data instantly to your computer. top ↑
  • Which Mimio products are compatible with MimioStudio 7 software?
    All of the new MimioClassroom products are fully compatible with MimioStudio 7 software and MimioStudio 7 is backward compatible – it will work with the products that work with mimio Studio 6: mimio Xi Interactive, mimio Capture and mimio Pad. In order to access the great new features of the MimioVote and MimioView systems, consider upgrading to MimioStudio 7 software. top ↑
  • Can I import email addresses from other applications, such as Excel, to a MimioVote class list?
    You can import or create as many classes as you want in Gradebook. Once you have created a class, you can add students to the class by manually entering all student names and information, or you can import a list of students. top ↑
  • How do you archive class data?
    You can archive old classes by exporting them to a MimioVote Database (MVD) file. You can export all of your classes to a single file, or you can export each class to a separate file. top ↑
  • Can students review their answers before they submit them?
    Students can use the forward or backward buttons in a self-paced exam and see what response they entered on the handheld LCD display, prior to submitting the entire test. top ↑
MimioView Document Camera: The Most Integrated and User-Friendly Document Camera Available
  • What are the benefits of the MimioView camera?
    The MimioView camera lets you capture and instantly share live video and images of dimensional objects and flat documents. It’s a hassle-free way to teach with a camera. Fully integrated with MimioStudio software, the camera uses the menus and toolbar to access useful editing and storage features such as copy, cut, freeze, highlight, rotate, save and video markup. Your images are easily incorporated into any lesson or used with other MimioClassroom tools such as the MimioVote system. The MimioView camera’s design features simple buttons to quickly refine and orient images without using the software menus. The autofocus button ensures high-quality focus in true-to-life color. The rotate button changes the image orientation in 90° increments, up to a full circle. The freeze button toggles between still shots and live video, while autotune refocuses the lens and color balance. The view button turns on the camera and lamps.

    The MimioView camera has a footprint that’s just 5 in. x 5.5 in., high-resolution optics, two adjustable LED lamps, a flexible gooseneck arm for positioning the camera head and a handy straight edge at the camera’s base to align documents. Powered by a USB cable, the MimioView camera does not require any extra power adapters. top ↑
  • What is the output resolution of the MimioView camera?
    The camera’s output resolution is UXGA (1600 x 1200). top ↑
  • Does the MimioView camera have optical zoom?
    It does not include optical zoom. However, the camera head is on a flexible gooseneck, which can be manually adjusted to provide up to 5.5x zoom. Additionally, up to 16x digital zoom is provided by MimioStudio software. top ↑
  • Does the MimioView require a driver?
    No separate driver is required. The MimioView camera supports UVC, an industry standard that is natively supported by Windows. top ↑
MimioCapture Ink Recording System: The Best Ink Capture System on the Market
  • What’s the difference between the MimioCapture system and the MimioTeach system?
    MimioTeach technology combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, the power of a computer and front projection to engage students with vivid images, video and audio. You get a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines color, motion and interactivity; allows you to display your computer desktop and lets you interact with PC applications and navigate websites.

    The MimioCapture system lets you save dry erase marker notes to a connected computer. The MimioTeach device captures and converts the dry erase marker notes into digital files that can be stored on the PC.

    When you have both the MimioTeach system and the MimioCapture system, you can use any size ordinary whiteboard as either an electronic whiteboard (without a projector) or as an interactive whiteboard (with a projector). top ↑
  • What are the benefits of adding the MimioCapture system as an accessory to the MimioTeach system?
    The MimioCapture system is all about speed and convenience. It’s the perfect accessory to MimioTeach system if you use colored markers in the classroom. Its four ergonomic pens are designed to hold Expo® dry erase markers and fit comfortably in any size hand. The pens and an eraser recharge quickly in a lightweight storage tray that adheres to any magnetic whiteboard. The instant you touch a pen to the whiteboard, MimioTeach tracks whatever you write, draw or erase in red, blue, green or black. You can use the MimioTeach stylus in conjunction with dry erase markers, because the system switches dynamically back and forth between them.

    Saving your whiteboard notes helps you build a library of valuable content, and everything is easily integrated with existing lesson plans from the MimioStudio Gallery. That’s a time-saver for you because it eliminates the need to rewrite the same notes over and over for each class. And by saving your daily work, you can distribute the files to students later. It’s a great way to help absent students catch up. top ↑
  • How many MimioCapture trays can you use with a MimioTeach system?
    You can use one tray with each MimioTeach system. The MimioCapture system is connected and communicates through the MimioTeach system via a connector bar. top ↑
  • Can you write with more than one pen at a time?
    The MimioTeach system detects one pen signal at a time, so the first MimioCapture pen to touch the board is the one that is considered active. top ↑
MimioPad Wireless Tablet: A Natural Extension of MimioTeach
  • Does the MimioPad wireless tablet work with the other MimioClassroom products?
    The MimioPad tablet is a member of the MimioClassroom family. It can interact with the MimioTeach system and MimioStudio 7 software in Windows, and with mimio Studio 6 in Mac and Linux. The MimioPad tablet cannot currently interact with the MimioVote assessment system, the MimioView document camera or the MimioCapture ink capture system. The MimioPad tablet communicates through its own wireless receiver, which is inserted into an open USB port on a PC. top ↑
  • What are the benefits of the MimioPad tablet?
    When you add the MimioPad wireless tablet to your MimioTeach system, you and your students can collaborate on whiteboard lessons from up to 30 metres (100 feet) from the classroom computer. The MimioPad tablet works with a rechargeable pen stylus and MimioStudio software. You can access the most common operations of MimioStudio software from custom-tailored shortcut keys on the tablet. Up to 50 MimioPad tablets can connect to one computer, so students can participate without leaving their seats. The MimioPad tablet allows for effective student engagement during a lesson and is especially useful with kinesthetic learners (students who learn by touch). With the MimioPad tablet, teachers have built-in classroom management and can freely move around the classroom. top ↑
MimioStudio Software
  • If I have installed MimioStudio 7, will I still be able to open and view MimioStudio 6 files?
    Once you run MimioStudio 7, your MimioStudio 6 files will automatically be converted to Studio 7 files. You will not be able to open MimioStudio 6 files once you have installed MimioStudio 7. top ↑
  • Do I need to uninstall MimioStudio 6 in order to run MimioStudio 7 on the same PC?
    There is no need to uninstall MimioStudio 6 prior to running MimioStudio 7. At install, MimioStudio 6 will automatically upgrade your software version to MimioStudio 7. top ↑
  • What if I wish to use MimioStudio 6 with MimioStudio 7 on the same PC?
    In order to continue use of MimioStudio 6 with MimioStudio 7 installed on the same machine, users should follow these instructions:
    • Right Click on the mimio icon that is running in the Taskbar (by your clock). Click Exit. This will shut down Studio 6.
    • Most users install MimioStudio to the default location C:\Program Files\mimio. Go to this file.
    • Right Click on the MimioStudio folder and select Copy.
    • Paste this folder in the same location. It will be named Copy of MimioStudio.
    • Right Click and Rename this folder MimioStudio 611.
    • Go to Add/Remove Programs (Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, or some variation of that depending on whether you are running XP, Vista, or Windows 7).
    • Find MimioStudio and Remove it. This will uninstall MimioStudio without uninstalling the one you renamed.
    • Double Click on the MimioStudio 7 msi installer and follow the steps to install it. (I recommend shutting down all virus scanners at prior to this).
    • The shortcut Icons that appear on your desktop with be for MimioStudio 7. top ↑
  • How can I access MimioStudio 6 shortcuts?
    To access MimioStudio 6 shortcuts:

    Right Click on your desktop and select New > Shortcut. Follow the steps to locate your mimioStudio 611 Notebook and Toolbar. C:\Program Files\mimio\mimio Studio 611. They will be listed as Notebook.exe and Toolbar.exe.

    When naming them, add "611" within the name so you know. I would also put them in a "611" folder on your desktop.

    Important: MimioStudio 7 will be the Mimio Notebook that starts when you startup your computer. You will not be able to open Studio 6.11 while Studio 7 is running. To switch between software, please go to your taskbar, right click on the Mimio icon and exit the version you are using. You can then double click on the respective Notebook icon that is on your desktop and open the version you’d like to use. top ↑