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MimioCapture 2

For issues involving the MimioCapture™ units themselves, see the section for the MimioTeach™ device.


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Top Solutions

  1. What is the difference between the MimioTeach device and the MimioCapture device? more
  2. The MimioCapture pens are showing incorrect colors in MimioStudio™ Notebook. more
  3. The pen/eraser for the MimioCapture system is not working. more
  4. The MimioCapture tray is not charging the pens and eraser. more
  5. The MimioCapture pens show strikes in MimioStudio Notebook when they are docked in the MimioCapture tray. more
  6. There are amber LEDs on the MimioCapture pens and eraser. more

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