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Whether it's every student in the class, every class in the school, or every school in the district, the NEW MimioStudio™ Licensing brings all the benefits of this award-winning software to every student and teacher. MimioStudio software is fully integrated with all MimioClassroom™ products. And if your school already has hardware from another manufacturer, no problem—you can use MimioStudio software with that, too, and leverage your existing technology purchases.

  • One software platform for all of your classrooms simplifies both teaching and learning.
  • Imports existing course material from SMART, Promethean, and files saved in Common File Format (*.iwb).
  • Common software allows teachers to share their knowledge and maximize effectiveness.
  • Offers reduced pricing with purchases for multiple classrooms or schools.

More Information About MimioStudio

License Feature Chart

Privileges by License Type

(License included with hardware purchase)

The NEW Classroom License

Site License

District License

(Multiple sites/schools)

1. All computers in the classroom*

2. Teacher classroom PC

3. Teacher and/or student home PC

4. Use with any interactive display**


5. All PCs in the entire site/school


6. All PCs in all schools in district


* This is a new feature for the license, included with hardware purchase. Currently you can only install MimioStudio software on one classroom computer.

**For MimioStudio Classroom License, this means a single interactive display. For the Site License, this means any interactive display in the same school. For new District License, this means any interactive display device, district-wide.

Why Your Tech Coordinators Will Love It
  • Simplifies updates because all computers share the same software.
  • Silent installation program for administrator to remotely update multiple computers across the network.
  • Reduces educator training time because they only have to learn one program.
  • Can be installed on any computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux.
  • On-call tech support to quickly respond to questions.
  • Includes live support, a self-service knowledge base, online training, and reference materials.
Why Your Teachers Will Love It
  • Teachers can share, adapt, and re-use teaching materials between classrooms or district-wide.
  • Teachers can import lessons created on other IWB platforms so they don’t have to recreate them.
  • Students can create and complete lessons both during class and at home.
  • Teachers can easily load the software on their home computers for added convenience and flexibility.
  • The standardized software means teachers don’t have to learn additional programs, even if they use different classrooms.