Try MimioMobile FREE for 30 Days

MimioMobile Trial

Your entire class can be using the MimioMobile™ collaboration and assessment app free for 30 days. Simply follow a few simple steps to get started now.

If you currently have the MimioStudio™ classroom software, go to Step 2.


Step 1: Install MimioStudio on the teacher’s computer

Download MimioStudio software for the teacher’s computer:
MimioStudio for Windows
MimioStudio for Macintosh
MimioStudio for Linux


Step 2: Get the MimioMobile app

You will need to install the MimioMobile app on any Apple or Android devices you want to use for collaboration and assessment during your trial. If you want to access the application through a compatible Web browser, simply go to The app can be used on as many devices as you want – there’s no limit!

iTunes googleplay

Step 3: Set up the trial in the MimioStudio software

Open MimioStudio software on the teacher’s computer and go to:
Help > About MimioStudio. Click on the Evaluate button; then click Yes to start the 30-day trial.

Need help getting started with the MimioMobile app?

Get your free MimioMobile Starter pack.

The Starter Pack provides activities, assessments, tips, and other resources that make it easy to try out the collaboration and assessment features of our mobile app. You’ll also find links to resource guides and information about on-demand and live training.

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