Every school has different needs and budgetary considerations. That's why Mimio offers multiple training options, so schools can choose the programs that are best for them. MimioTraining™ choices extend from free online sessions to rigorous, fee-based advanced sessions.



"As a teacher, I know how interactive technology can really help reach my students. I also know that learning new technology takes time from an already busy schedule. Mimio's training resources and programs are flexible, so you can learn when you have time, on your own or with a group. In many cases, you can get up to speed quickly with the convenient online tools."

Sarah Coughlin
Hingham High School
Hingham, MA, USA

Whether you’re new to Mimio products, need a review, or want to become an expert, we have a MimioTraining™ component for you. Our effective programs cover everything from no-cost, on-demand online resources to rigorous, fee-based advanced sessions. All four programs provide exceptional learning and are taught by knowledgeable educators with real classroom experience.

MimioTraining On-Demand
If your school has tight budget constraints, MimioTraining On-Demand resources allow teachers to train themselves to effectively implement Mimio products. Resources include no-cost online video tutorials, Quick Learn recordings, user guides, and reference cards.
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MimioTraining Quick Learn
MimioTraining Quick Learn provides educators with Web-based learning led by qualified Mimio expert teachers. Sessions are no-cost and online.
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MimioTraining Masters
MimioTraining Masters is our highest level of training for exceptional teachers who want to make the most of their Mimio teaching technology and engage students in an energized and productive learning environment.
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MimioTraining Certified
The MimioTraining Certified program provides fee-based training for school and district tech specialists and Mimio Partner Resellers who wish to become qualified to successfully train teachers on how to get the most from their Mimio investment.
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MimioAcademy professional development offers educators customized implementation plans to get up and running quickly with our interactive technologies and reading programs. When clients purchase MimioAcademy professional development, they enter into a partnership with the Mimio team to ensure their specific needs are met.

Mimio Interactive Technologies
To help educators master Mimio interactive technologies, we offer MimioAcademy programs focused on Mimio hardware products and MimioStudio™ classroom software. Sessions range from core to advanced skill levels, and incorporate hands-on time to facilitate teacher engagement. Ongoing training sessions with classroom-experienced Mimio experts help teachers learn to use Mimio hardware and software to their maximum potential.

Mimio Reading Programs
MimioAcademy professional development also provides a comprehensive implementation service that helps ensure your educators obtain the information, resources, and skills needed to apply the MimioSprout™ and MimioReading™ reading programs most effectively. We work together to determine the best way to integrate the Mimio reading programs into your district or school curriculum.
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