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NEW MimioProjector Touch Projector

MimioProjector Interactive Projector Launch Slideshow

Who says you can’t have it all? If you’re interested in an easy and affordable way to bring touch-enabled collaborative learning into the classroom, get the MimioProjector™ touch interactive projector. Now you can turn your conventional dry erase boards into touch boards!

Touch-enabled collaboration with the computers and whiteboards you already own.
  • An affordable way to bring multi-touch, interactive collaborative learning into classrooms that don’t have projectors.
  • Create an interactive touch area as large as 100 in. diagonal. Allows up to 10 single-point touches or 5 dual-points touches with gestures.
  • A full-featured solution that includes award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software.

  • A true HDMI experience, which means stunning images and audio – no need for separate speakers.
  • Using pens or finger touch, multiple students can simultaneously interact with the same projected image, enhancing collaborative learning.
  • Ultra-short-throw projector design reduces shadows on the whiteboard.
  • Laser Curtain Module powers directly from the projector – no extra wires or complicated installation.
  • Easy alignment – takes less than a minute with the Visible Light Alignment feature.
  • Bulb can be replaced without dismounting the MimioProjector device. Up to 5000 hours between bulb replacements.

NOTE: For the touch projector to perform optimally you will need a whiteboard that is laser flat. Please contact your local rep or email our customer support team if you need further assistance.

What's Included
Projector, interactive module, Laser Curtain module, 2 passive styli, MimioStudio software license, 4-m power cord, 5-m VGA cable, 5-m mini-USB cable, remote with battery, Wall-Mount.

Software RequirementsMimioStudio 11 and higher on a Windows, Mac, or Linux OS
Brightness3100 lumens
Lamp280 Watt OSRAM E20.9n (replaceable without dismounting projector)
Lamp Life*Normal mode: 3,000 hours. Eco mode: 4,000 hours.
Native Aspect Ratio16:10. Also supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.
Native Resolution1280 x 800 (WXGA)
Image Size SupportedWXGA 16:10, 70” - 100”
Keystone CorrectionVertical: ±15 degrees (manual)
Contrast RatioNative 2000:1
Color Reproduction1.07 billion colors (R/G/B 10 bit)
Color TemperatureAdjustable from 6500º K - 8300º K
Color Uniformity-|ΔU’V’| <0.03
Projection LensF 2.6 fixed zoom
Throw Ratio RangeWXGA 0.35
Zoom RatioDigital zoom 1.0 – 2.0X
Focus TypeManual
Projection SystemDigital Light Processing (DLP), utilizing a 6-segment color wheel.
Projection MethodFront / Wall Mount, Tabletop Mount
Input SignalNTSC/PAL/SECAM video capability with S-video / composite / YPbPr Component
Resolutions1080p/UXGA/WXGA/XGA/SVGA/MAC compatibility
Video Inputs1 HDMI, 2 VGA, 1 S-video, 1 composite analog
LAN ConnectivityRJ45 Ethernet connector
LAN Control ProtocolsCreston/AMX/PJ Link
Closed CaptioningBased on TI DDP4421 spec, CC1/CC2/CC3/CC4 supported
3D CapabilitiesDLP Link 3D and HDMI 1.4a 3D supported
AudioTwo 3.5-mm stereo line level, two stereo RCA jack line level, one 3.5-mm audio out, one 3.5-mm microphone.
Input sensitivity1 kHz, 0.5 Vrms sine wave
Speaker8 watts stereo (16 watts total output)
Operating Temperature5 - 40° C (41 - 104° F)
HumidityOperating and Storage: 80% RH (Max.), Non-condensing
Fan NoiseFull mode: 37±2dB (A), w/o filter ECO mode: 33±2dB (A), w/o filter
Power Supply VoltageUniversal AC 100 – 240 V~50-60 Hz with PFC input
Power ConsumptionNormal Mode: 350 W+/-10%@110 VAC ECO Mode: 290 W+/-10%@110 VAC Standby: < 0.5 W Touch Mode: + 12 V/2A (LAN/RS232/VGA out are off) meets ErP 2017 Lot 26
Touch Points10
CalibrationAuto / Manual 4 points
Hover Z depth4.5 mm
Minimum Styli Diameter9.6 mm
Laser Curtain ModuleIR Laser 825 nm, 20,000 hrs
Laser Curtain Module Power Supply12 V/0.3A from projector
Laser AlignmentVisible light 650 nm
Whiteboard Non-Planarity< 3 mm
Laser SafetyIEC 60825-1 Class-1
Interactive DevicesStylus or finger
Interactive ConnectivityMini-USB cable (provided)
Visible Alignment Lasers (3 adjustment levels)Wavelength 650 nm (nanometers) Optical power < 0.39 mW (milliwatt) Dot size at focus distance 10 mm
SecurityKensington lock ≥36 Kg

MimioProjector IR Module

MimioProjector 280I IR Module
IR Module

MimioProjector Wall Mount
Wall Mount
MimioProjector Stylus

What are the choices in the MimioProjector™ 280 projector series?
The MimioProjector device can be delivered in three configurations:

  • Non-interactive (no pens)
  • Pen Interactive
  • Touch Interactive

What comes in the box with the MimioProjector projectors?
Please refer to our product spec sheets: (link to online PDF sheets)

  • MimioProjector 280 projector
  • MimioProjector 280I interactive projector
  • MimioProjector 280T touch projector

Can the MimioProjector device be upgraded in the field?
Yes, it can be field-upgraded from non-interactive to pen or touch interactive capability. The upgrade can be accomplished without dismounting the projector, and typically takes less than ten minutes.

Do all pens always perform the same function?
Yes. Whatever tool you select from the MimioStudio™ toolbar using a pen or stylus will be applied to both these devices.

Does the interactive projector work with other mode applications or only with MimioStudio software?
The interactive modes provide control of any other mouse or touch-enabled application running on your computer.

What is the resolution of Mimio infrared tracking?
The resolution is 2560 x 1920 (interpolated), 640 x 480 (native).

What is the tracking speed?
The MimioProjector infrared tracking system samples at 60 Hz, which produces a sample timing of 16.6 ms.

What is the latency of the tracking?
MimioProjector latency is 16.6 ms for a single pen, and 18 ms for two pens.

What is the battery life of the pen?
When using high-quality alkaline batteries, the pen lasts for approximately 16 hours of continuous use. A typical duty cycle of 20% delivers a battery life of approximately 80 hours. The pens consume no power when not actively touching the board surface.

What versions of MimioStudio software work with the MimioProjector series?
MimioStudio 11 and above software versions are the only versions compatible with the MimioProjector device.

What operating systems do the MimioProjector series work with?
The non-interactive version of the MimioProjector device is OS-independent, because it functions solely as a display device. The pen and touch interactive versions of the projector work with Windows 7/8 and Mac; single pen and touch work with XP/Vista and Linux.

How do the interactive versions of the MimioProjector device communicate with the teacher’s PC?
The interactive versions of the projector communicate with the teacher’s PC via the provided 5-m USB cable.

Does the MimioProjector series support the Crestron control protocol via an RJ-45 Ethernet LAN connector?
Yes, the standard LAN conductivity in the MimioProjector device provides control functions via the Crestron, PJLink, and AMX protocols.

Does the MimioProjector series support control over RS-232?
Yes, RS-232 can be used to control major functions of the MimioProjector device, such as power on/off, audio mute on/off, source select, and more. The complete RS-232 protocol is available under the MimioProjector “Documentation” tab at mimio.com.

Does the MimioProjector device come with a handheld remote control, and are replacements available for the remote?
Yes, a handheld remote is included, and replacements are available.

What projection technology is used?
The MimioProjector projectors use DLP (Digital Light Processing), which was developed by Texas Instruments.

What are the maximum and minimum image sizes?
The MimioProjector series can display images as small as 70 in. (1178 mm) and as large as 100 in. (2540 mm). The standard MimioProjector mount enables image sizes as large as 95 in. (2413 mm).

What video inputs are supported?
The projectors provide the following:

  • 2 VGA, with corresponding stereo audio inputs
  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 composite analog, with corresponding RCA stereo audio inputs
  • 1 S-Video, with corresponding RCA stereo audio input

Is there a VGA output as well?
Yes, there is a VGA output.

How bright is the projector?
The MimioProjector series is rated at 3100 lumens.

Will the projector accept a 720p High Definition (HD) signal and display that natively?
Yes, the projectors can accept and display 720p natively, without scaling.

Does the MimioProjector series support 3D?
Yes, the projector supports 3D using active glasses that support DLP Link with 96 Hz~144 Hz, with support for DLP 3D and HDMI v1.4a 3D contents. Suitable DLP Link 3D glasses are widely available.

Does the HDMI cable carry audio as well as video?
Yes, audio from a source device that is HDMI-compliant for audio feeds directly into the projector over the HDMI connector.

Is the audio stereo or mono?
The projector comes standard with stereo audio, consisting of two speakers with 8 watts of power each, for a total audio power of 16 watts.

Is there an audio output?
Yes, the projectors include a line-level audio output on a 3.5-mm jack.

Does the projector have a microphone input?
Yes, there is a 3.5-mm jack on the MimioProjector connector panel.

Can the projector be ceiling-mounted, in addition to wall-mounted?
Yes, it can. A wide variety of third-party ceiling mounts are available.

Can the MimioProjector series attach to third-party or universal mounts?
Yes, the projector can attach to a wide range of mounts. Please consult the User’s Manual for specifications.

Where should the projector be positioned with respect to the display area?
Detailed information is provided in the Installation Guide, available in the Documentation section of the Mimio website.

Can the MimioProjector device be set up to produce a tabletop image?
Yes, a wide variety of third-party mounts are available.

Does the MimioProjector package include a wall mount?
Yes, all the projectors come with a wall mount.

How much keystone correction does the MimioProjector series provide?
The projectors enable ±15 degrees of vertical keystone correction.

Does the MimioProjector series require the use of MimioStudio software?
The projectors will work with any source capable of producing a compliant video signal. MimioStudio software is required for use of Mimio accessories such as the MimioView™ document camera, MimioVote™ assessment, and MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet.

Does the MimioProjector device require the use of MimioStudio software?
The MimioProjector device will work with any source capable of producing a compliant video signal. MimioStudio software is required for use of Mimio accessories such as the MimioView document camera, MimioVote assessment, and MimioPad wireless pen tablet.

Maintenance and Support

What is the typical life of the MimioProjector bulb?
In Normal mode: 3000 hours. In Eco mode: 4000 hours.

Can the bulb be replaced without dismounting the projector?
Yes. Bulb replacement is accomplished from the side, without dismounting the projector. It usually takes less than five minutes.

Where can I obtain a replacement bulb?
Mimio resellers can provide replacement bulbs.

Does the MimioProjector device keep track of the hours of bulb use?
Yes. The MimioProjector menu displays bulb hours separately for Normal and Eco modes. It also provides a Lamp Life Reminder.

Can the dust filters be replaced without dismounting the projector?
The two MimioProjector dust filters can be removed from the top, without dismounting the projector. Replacement usually takes less than five minutes. They can be cleaned with a vacuum; please see the User Guide for specific instructions.

How often will the dust filters need to be cleaned?
The filter cleaning schedule depends on the operating environment — dust filters are usually needed only in very dusty environments. One of the advantages of DLP projection technology is that it is a sealed system. The filters can be cleaned with a vacuum; please see the User Guide.

Does the MimioProjector device keep track of the hours between filter cleanings?
Yes. The MimioProjector menu displays filter hours. It also provides a Filters Reminder.

What is the warranty for the MimioProjector device?
The MimioProjector device comes with a 2-year general warranty and a 90-day warranty on the bulb.

Does the MimioProjector support the MimioCapture™ ink recorder?
The MimioCapture recorder works in tandem with only the MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard and the MimioBoard™ interactive whiteboard.

Does the MimioProjector include MimioStudio software?
The interactive MimioProjector configurations include MimioStudio software. When a non-interactive MimioProjector device is upgraded to interactive, the IR Module includes MimioStudio software.

How many interactive pens can the 280I pen-interactive model support simultaneously?
The 280I can support up to 10 interactive pens simultaneously. The 280I is delivered with two interactive pens; additional pens can be ordered through your Mimio reseller.

Are the interactive pens used with the MimioProjector 280I device compatible with the interactive pens used with the MimioProjector 240i device?
The interactive pens used with the MimioProjector 280I device produce a different wavelength of infrared light and are not compatible with the interactive pens used in the MimioProjector 240i device.

How many touch points can the 280T simultaneously support?
The 280T can support up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

Why are the interactive pens provided with the 280I called “pens” and those provided with the MimioProjector 280T called “styli”?
The naming convention of “interactive pen” and “stylus” exists to differentiate between the two very different devices. The interactive pens provided with the 280I interactive projector are battery-powered, active devices that emit infrared light when pressed against the projection surface. The stylus provided with the 280T touch projector is a passive device – essentially the plastic equivalent of a human finger.


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