Real-Time Summative and Formative Assessment Systems
Choose the combination that fits your needs.

If students need help, you need to know – now. Mimio gives you options to measure
student understanding in real time. They can be used separately or in combination,
so that you can make the most of your technology investment.

MimioVote Assessment

MimioVote assessment

The MimioVote™ assessment makes it easy to gauge student understanding on the spot, with a tool that students actually enjoy using.

  • Track progress through instant feedback, as well as scores tallied over time.
  • Download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans, for clear achievement records.
  • Place handsets anywhere in the storage tray to renumber automatically.
  • Ensure student accuracy, since only appropriate answer buttons light up.
  • Choose teacher-led or self-paced testing.

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MimioMobile Application

MimioMobile app

Get the most out of the devices you already have with the MimioMobile™ application. A single MimioMobile license for a teacher's classroom computer so every student can interact with the lesson displayed on the interactive whiteboard, and respond to questions.

  • Allows students to participate in a student response/vote session.
  • Students may use Apple and Android phones and tablets, as well as any device with a supported Web browser*– including Chromebooks, Windows and Mac laptops, Windows Surface tablets, and more.
* Available Fall 2015

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