Mimio Expands Classroom Multi-Touch Surfaces to Nine Feet and More with New Laser Touch Projectors

Projectors reduce maintenance worries while combining enormous images and 10-touch interactivity for large-scale collaboration

BOSTON, MA — Feb. 17, 2016 — Multi-touch surfaces have been hailed as one of the technologies shaping the classroom of the future. But schools and districts have to consider several factors, such as budgets and spatial logistics, when applying multi-touch technology. To enable educators to create interactive learning environments despite budget and resource limitations, Mimio has created two new laser touch projectors: the MimioProjector™ 320LT touch projector and the MimioProjector™ 3200LT ultra-wide projector.

Both laser touch projectors combine 10-touch interactivity with large clear images, facilitating collaboration. The MimioProjector 320LT touch projector displays interactive images as large as 115 inches, while the MimioProjector 3200LT ultra-wide touch projector displays images as wide as 11 feet. “These new laser projectors bring large-scale collaboration to classrooms that previously wouldn’t be able to experience this due to limited budget or resources,” said Stevan Vigneaux, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Mimio.

The projectors’ laser illumination saves time and resources – there’s no lamp to fail, and no lamp to change. And the projectors’ 20-year laser life span reduces maintenance worries.

Both projectors are full-featured hardware and software solutions that include award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software. When the projectors are used with the MimioMobile™ app, you can perform collaboration and assessment either at the front of the room or on almost any student device. Additionally, the projectors’ analog and digital audio/video connections ensure compatibility with virtually any PC, and users can employ them with Mac, Windows or Linux OS.

“Touch is the way the world works now. It’s standard for everyday devices like smartphones, tablets, and kiosks,” said Vigneaux. “We’ve created touch technology that works with our classroom software and collaborative and assessment app to make it easy for educators to gauge and personalize student learning.”

About Mimio

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