Mimio extends the capabilities of the new digital interactive classroom solutions

Among the main novelties introduced in Interdidac include an interactive projector, a new wireless tablet to control interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom and an app that lets you work from any iPad with the Mimio system.

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February 21, 2013 – For the first time in Spain, Mimio Interdidac presented at the fair at IFEMA (Madrid) its new interactive technology solutions for the classroom. Atlantic Devices, Mimio official distributor in Spain, we saw, including an interactive projector solutions, a new wireless tablet to control interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom and an app that lets you work from any iPAD with Mimio system.

The new interactive projector, called MimioProjector, allows teachers to project multimedia lessons on any flat surface, such as a dry erase board or even a wall.

The new projector will be available in the Mimio interactive model and one with upgradeable standard function.


Another novelty is that Mimio has renewed MimioPad wireless tablet, which controls des interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom.

The digital pen tablet MimioPad works like a mouse, with which students can draw, write or control the screen. 
works without batteries and recharges automatically in the tablet.

Finally, another important development is the new app for iPad MimioMobile Mimio. 

Mimio Board launches fixed to the Spanish market.

In parallel, Mimio has recently launched fixed market mimioBoard slate, a device for those who prefer to work on a fixed support. carefully designed to be exceptionally lightweight, easy to install, durable in the classroom and allow the use of non-permanent markers.

MimioBoard interactive whiteboard comes with the award winning educational software MimioStudio, a surprisingly intuitive software with which teachers can begin to work instantly and easily create lessons.

MimioBoard integrates seamlessly into any learning environment and has a projection surface matte write-enabled with dry erase markers, which does not require a board to have additional work in the classroom.

MimioBoard surface is also proven to reduce blind spots and visual distractions; offers a bright projection quality and consistent. 
projectors used with short or long range to take advantage of any prior investment already made in projectors.

With its quick and easy installation saves time and money. 
intervention service, transportation and long waiting time for repaired units, with fixed interactive whiteboard mimioBoard receive MimioTeach bar repaired or replaced under warranty in just 24 hours, without any associated service cost.

The new devices integrate seamlessly with other products MimioClassroom range formed by MimioTeach interactive whiteboard, document camera MimioView, electronic response system MimioVote, support MimioCapture ink capture and MimioStudio software, which lets you create lessons 


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