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DYMO/Mimio announces winner of the MimioClassroom™ Family of Products Sweepstakes

Winner - Sally Southerland

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – May 20, 2011 - DYMO/Mimio ITT, a leading provider of interactive teaching technologies for educators, is pleased to announce Sally Southerland has won The Complete MimioClassroom™ Family of Products Sweepstakes, sponsored by DYMO/Mimio and Scholastic.

Sally, a first grade teacher at Chattahoochee Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia, has won a complete MimioClassroom suite of products and a $500 gift certificate to Scholastic.com.

Sally is in her 28th year of teaching first graders at Chattahoochee. Chattahoochee is a part of the Gwinnett County School System in Georgia, which won a 2010 Broad Prize. The Broad Prize is an annual award that honors the five large urban school districts that demonstrate the strongest student achievement and improvement while narrowing achievement gaps between income and ethnic groups.

Sally was at Scholastic.com buying books for her class when she discovered and entered the DYMO/Mimio Sweepstakes. Sally has been using MimioTeach in her classroom for two years and says, “using MimioTeach has made teaching more meaningful for me and my students love it.“ And, “I’m very excited to be able to use all of the wonderful Mimio products.”


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