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One Teacher’s Take on Professional Development

K-12 Tech Decisions

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – May 13, 2012 -- Over the last three years, Charlotte Dunning Elementary School in Framingham, Mass., has implemented interactive whiteboard products from DYMO/Mimio throughout the school. All 12 classrooms in grades 3-5 have either MimioTeach bars—which make regular dry-erase whiteboards interactive—or MimioPad tablets, and the program is being expanded to the lower grade levels as well, where kindergarteners are now learning basics like the ABCs with the help of these interactive whiteboard products.

But the only way any of it is possible is if teachers know how to use such high-tech teaching tools and embrace their use as ways to enhance their lesson plans. To that end, fifth-grade teacher Jae Goodwin—who is a certified Mimio Master—has led the professional development program at Charlotte Dunning to get teachers up to speed. Watch the video as she discusses why and how these collaborative lessons have keyed the successful DYMO/Mimio program at her school.


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