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Cross Lutheran Teacher Wins Mimio Document Reader in Online Contest

Yorkville Patch

Yorkville, IL – February 16, 2012 -- A Cross Evangelical Lutheran School teacher got the most online votes in a contest sponsored last month by Mimio Connect, a forum that allows teachers to share lesson plans using Mimio products.

Second grade teacher Alissa Bocek just received the prize Monday - a document reader that projects and records documents onto her whiteboard. For example, the Dymo MimioView allows her to project the workbook page onto a screen so kids who had trouble following along can see where she is pointing. Her voice and the images can be recorded, so she could send the lesson to an absent student's family through e-mail.

"Anything I do (with the MimioView), I can save onto my computer," Bocek said.

Bocek and her class celebrated with a taco bar lunch Thursday.

She entered the contest on the suggestion of first grade teacher Claire Pavia, who has encouraged use of Mimio technology throughout the school. She also got parents and students involved with the online voting the made her a winner.

"They went home, and they voted every night," Bocek said.


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